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Final Jeopardy: Cosmology and the Reality Problem encompasses a critical investigaton into the frontiers of modern cosmology and touches upon such topics as: general relativity, black holes, dark eneregy, dark matter, redshift, and a variety of other related issues.

Choices and Description

This is the third volume in a series of books. The first two volumes in that series focused on issues involving: Medicine, psychopharmacology, evolution, neurobiology, psychology, particle physics, entanglement, and quantum dynamics. The current volume explores a variety of topical themes within the general field of cosmology such as: Dark matter, dark energy, black holes, theory of gravity, redshift, plasmas, cosmic microwave background radiation, branes, the Big Bang theory, and the Steady State model. All of the foregoing topics are critically examined against a backdrop that helps orient the discussion. However, that backdrop is not always engaged in a direct manner. More specifically, most human beings wonder, in one way or another, about the nature of reality ... that is, they seek to deal, as best they can, with the reality problem. The Final Jeopardy challenge refers to the task of trying to work toward providing a final response to the reality problem before the sands in the hourglass of time run out in a person's life. This volume, as is also the case with respect to the other two volumes in the present series is about critically reflecting on the nature of science. In addition, this volume -- and this was true in conjunction with the other two volumes as well -- is an attempt to critically reflect on what various dimensions of science might have to offer in relation to the aforementioned Final Jeopardy challenge.

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