With English Translation and Accompanying Recitation
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Qur'an - Translation

I have done my best to try to eliminate as many mistakes as possible with respect to the written facet of the Quranic translation. However, whatever mistakes have survived my scrutiny, the responsibility is mine. I ask forgiveness for such errors ... both from those who use theses pages as well as from Allah.


This virtual written edition of the Qur'an is derived from a translation by M.H. Shakir. The recitation is by: Qari Waheed Zafar Qasmi and can be found by clicking on: Aswat al-Islam -- where many other styles of recitation are available for downloading, as well as much more can be found through that web site in the way of video and audio presentations. In addition, a donation to help keep their web site running would be welcome. The graphic image of the Arabic calligraphy with the flower which is found in each surah or chapter of this Quranic E-book originated from: Halal.Com Web Site.

There are differences between the written English and the spoken English portions of the recitations. The differences in written and spoken English renderings of the Qur'an have been retained intentionally.

Keeping such differences helps to serve as a reminder that a translation is not the original. As a result, differences in word usage and expression are noticeable from one translation to another ... differences that reflect alternative ways of understanding and rendering the original revelation.

Moreover, there are nuances, subtleties, richness, and depth that cannot be properly conveyed through a translation. Some of the differences in translation reflect the way the original richness and depth can be engaged in various ways, leading to slightly different modes of understanding that are marked by the choice of words which are being used to give expression to the original. However,such differences notwithstanding, most translations -- if they are well-done -- do give expression to the surface meaning of what is conveyed through the Qur'an and, thereby, permit non-Arabic speakers to have access to the general sense of what is being said in the Qur'an.


The following is a list of transliterated Arabic names with their approximate English counterparts.

Allah -- God

Adam -- Adam

Ayyub -- Job

Dawood -- David

Firon -- Pharaoh

Habeel -- Abel

Haroun -- Aaron

Ibrahim -- Abraham

Ilyas -- Elias

Imraan -- Amran

Injeel -- Gospel

Ishaaq -- Isaac

Ismail -- Ishmael

Isa -- Jesus

Jalut -- Goliath

Jibreel -- Gabriel

Qabeel -- Cain

Lut -- Lot

Majuj -- Magog

Marium -- Mary

Masjid -- Mosque

Mikaeel -- Michael

Misr -- Egypt

Musa -- Moses

Nasrani -- Christian

Nuh -- Noah

Qarun -- Korah

Saba -- Sheba

Sulaiman -- Solomon

Talut -- Saul

Taurat -- Torah

Uzair -- Ezra

Yahudi -- Jew

Yahya -- John the Baptist

Yajuj -- Gog

Yaqoub -- Jacob

Yunus -- Jonah

Yusuf -- Joseph

Zakariya -- Zacharias

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