? Tour

To activate, select any of the books on the screen, and you will be
presented with a new page containing information about the book selected. When finished with the
new page, just close the screen, and the Tour page will resurface. Repeat the foregoing procedure,
as often as you like, or, you can select the play button in the upper right hand corner of the program,
and, then, selecect the book on the screen, and the Tour program will -- in a few seconds -- present a new cover option approximately
every four seconds. If any of the covers presented interests you, then, select it within the four second period, and
you will be taken to a page containing information about that book. Again, as previously, when you
are finished with the page of informatioin, just close out of the new browser page and you will be returned to
the Tour screen. You can use the following link


to return to the Main page of the website whenever desired.