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Although laughter is universal, not everyone agrees about what is funny ... somewhat like the issue of spirituality. The offerings that are given expression through this web page will be eclectic -- from days of old to more modern entries. From time to time, new postings will appear below but at variable intervals and as the spirit moves me to do so.

Laughter ... A Natural Medicine?

Norman Cousins, a journalist and editor, believed that he was helped to recover from what some had diagnosed as an incurable disorder by watching movies (e.g., the Marx brother films) that induced him to laugh. Whether, or not, his belief was correct, many of us seem to feel better emotionally and physically following a good laugh. Moreover, for many of us, laughter helps one to cope with the difficulties and burdens of life. So, I hope that the videos which, from time to time, appear below will bring a smile or two into your life.

Who's On First?

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Maz Jobrani- (American-Iranian Comedian)

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An Animated Film by Nicolas Deveaux from France

Apparently, various individuals in France consider the following animated film quite funny. When I watched it I didn't find it necessarily funny, but it did bring a smile to my lips and an enjoyable lightness to my mind. What I find to be very funny was that a friend of the family (someone who is otherwise quite intelligent and perceptive) saw the video on facebook and thought the film depicted actual life events, wondering how the people who trained the giraffes might be called upon to bring about similar magic with the wild animals of Congress. In our friend's defense, the individual was just recovering from a long bout of cold/flu, and, perhaps, not all of the debilitating effects of the malady had cleared our friend's system at the time the film was viewed.

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