Reflections on Education and Learning

Interrogative Imperative Institute

Reflections on Education and Learning investigates a number of topical issues which go to the heart of the processes of education and learning.

These themes include: grading, homework, qualities of a teacher, and an extended essay entitled 'Paradigm Shift' that presents an alternative approach to the way most people go about approaching education and learning.

Choices and Description

This book outlines a paradigm shift concerning education, schools, learning, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. The book explores numerous themes ranging from: religion and science: to: issues of public policy and, in the process, puts forth a perspective which argues that much of what goes on with respect to education is inconsistent with a variety of principles inherent in both the amended Constitution as well as our intuitive ideas about basic human rights. Some of the topics explored in various chapters are: grading, homework, educational purpose, qualities of a teacher, and much more.

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