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The Anab-Whitehouse.Com website operates in accordance with the Principle of No. Another way of giving expression to the spiritual orientation that is rooted in the 'Principle of No' is to bear witness (via my writings, actions, commitments, values, and beliefs) that: 'there is no reality but the truth'.

The foregoing principle or form of bearing witness requires me to declare the following: I am against violence -- that is, I say "No!!" to such acts -- irrespective of whether those activities are given expression through: religious fundamentalists (of whatever denomination) who seek to forcibly impose their beliefs on others; national security agencies; the killing of innocents (through whatever means); domestic abuse; compulsory educational systems; sexual exploitation; slavery; ethnic cleansing; tyrannical governmental agencies (whether in the United States or elsewhere); corporate pathology; techniques of undue influence; financial/banking injustices; censorship; military adventurism (via armies, militias, jihadists, mercenaries, and so-called 'freedom fighters'); unfair and unsafe labor practices; ecological destruction; police brutality; suicide bombings; processes of ideological control (e.g., propaganda and indoctrination); spiritual abuse; market manipulations; arbitrary legal and constitutional systems; intelligence agencies; political parties; torture (or 'enhanced interrogation'); unwarranted surveilance; extreme rendition; spying; assassination; drones; martial law; preemptive wars; congressional malfeasance; executive imperalism/dictatorship; inhumane prison conditions and treatment; as well as oppressive social/economic/religious/political majorities or minorities which results in the violation of basic human rights involving: truth, worship, speech, creed, assembly, health care, learning, shelter, food, privacy, movement, and sovereignty.

In my opinion, all of the foreging forms of violence constitute expressions of terrorist-oriented practices, and this is true whether, or not, such expressions of violence are perpetrated by: nations, states, governmental agencies, organizations, banks, the judiciary, institutions, social groups, economic entities, international bodies, the media, military personnel, or individuals. Some years ago, Issac Asimov -- a writer and teacher -- indicated in one of his fictional works that: "Violence is the last refuge of incompetence." In other words, only people who are incompetent when it comes to issues of: truth, character, justice, sovereignty, integrity, and decency find a sense of refuge or solace in using violence to control and destroy the lives of other human beings

All the materials which are present in this website, as well as the books, videos, audios, and other materials which are available for purchase through this website, are all dedicated to resisting and standing in opposition to terrorism in whatever form the latter acts of violence assumes: Individual, national, institutional, organzational, militarily, economical, financial, social, educational, religious, spiritual, political, legal, medical, and otherwise. I seek to give aid and confort only to truth, justice, basic human rights and sovereignty and not to any group or individual who seeks to impose violence and/or terror on others.


Approximately a thousand years ago, the Sufi saint Hazrat al-Hujwiri (also known as Hazrat Dada Ganj Baksh) stated in his Kashf al-Mahjub -- and he, actually, was quoting someone from a still earlier time -- "Once Sufism was a reality without a name, and now it is a name without a reality." The problem has gotten worse since that time.

One of the primary purposes of this website is to serve as a virtual library (including written, audio, and video selections) that is intended to provide authentic information on, and insight into, numerous dimensions of the Sufi (tasawwuf) Path, in particular, and Islam, in general. There is nothing in any of the writings or audio and video presentations which appear on this website which run contrary to the 'Principle of No' that was outlined in the opening paragraphs of this web page. This is also true of the more than thirty-four publications (covering over 12,000 pages of material) that are available through Bilquees Press. I invite you to test the truth of the foregoing claim for yourself either in relation to the material contained in this website or in any of my real world or virtual world publications. The 'Principle of No' is at the very heart of Islam and the Sufi Path. Until an individual says no to all the myriad delusional modes of perpetrating violence against others and oneself, one will not be in a position to recognize, understand, and acquiesce to the truth of reality's nature ... including one's own potential for serving as a locus of manifestation in relation to reflecting, according to one's capacity and Divine Grace, certain dimensions of the truth concerning the nature of reality.

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Every three or four weeks a new video will be available through the space below. These videos will give expression to some facet of the 'Principle of No'. The topics will be quite varied. The following video is on the investigative work of Robbie Martin with respect to the 2001 incidents involving Anthrax attacks in the U.S.. Depending on your pc's audio settings, you should be prepared to lower the sound via the control icon on the video screen.

'American Anthrax' Alleges Attacks as Inside Job  Interview with Robbie Martinvideo embed code by v3.1

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