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Meditations of a Sufi contains over forty short essays delving into various dimensions of the Sufi mystical path.

Choices and Description

The material contained within Meditations of A Sufi that is given expression through the different chapters of this book constitutes, both individually as well as collectively, a Sufi perspective. However, one does not have to be on the Sufi path or inclined to that path in order to engage the material in this book. Anyone with an interest in spirituality and mysticism will find, God willing, an abundance of themes within the boundaries of this work which are able to form the seeds of contemplative reflection for any faith background.

Some of the chapter titles are: 'Iniation', 'Doubt', 'Adab', 'Courage', 'Idols', 'Forgiveness', 'Equality', 'Balance', 'Awe', 'Hatred', 'Hope', 'Evil', 'Intention', 'Knowledge', and 'Dream'.

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