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This web page contains material dealing with a variety of events, stories, topics and issues that are considered newsworthy and constitute food for thought for critical reflection.

On a regular, but irregular basis (i.e., depending on circumstances), the items on this page could change daily, weekly, or at odd intervals, this web page will feature: commentaries, stories, events, interviews, and topics which are considered by me to be of interest and value for understanding the sort of world in which we live. The selections appearing here are intended to invite visitors to reflect on what is being said (or written) and to critically examine both that which is being presented here, as well as, one's own engagewment of that material. As Socrates is reported to have said: 'The unexamined life is not worth living.'

The following video on the Supreme Court decision involving Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission gives expression to some important considerations. One doesn't have to agree with everything which is being said in the video to understand that Annie Leonard and her colleagues at the 'Story of Stuff Project' StoryofStuff.Org have been doing a lot of interesting thinking and work with respect to developing solutions which are really in everybody's best interests as far as helping them to establish, secure, and enhance their opportunity to be able to fully realize their inherent right to sovereignty. If you like the following video, then, I would urge you to make contact with, and/or donate to: 'The Story of Stuff Project'. One can find a variety of other videos on social issues at the Story of Stuff website, plus many helpful resources.

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The Story of Broke - Why There Is Still Plenty of Money To Build A Better Future

Another offering from the Story of Stuff Project.

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