The Sufi Mystical Path (tasawwuf)

I bear witness that there is no reality but Allah and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah

The Sufi path (tasawwuf) is not about having anomalous, mysterious experiences and the unveiling of lights, but, rather, the Sufi way is directed toward learning how to worship the Truth.

All the rest is nothing but machinations of the ego and its conceits.


Many years ago, my shaykh made a recording consisting of, among other things, an introductory talk about the Sufi Path. This individual was an authentic Sufi guide with whom I worked for sixteen or seventeen years, or so, and who passed away in the later 1980s ... before, by God's leave, my spiritual education was continued -- but in a very different way -- by means of a false teacher who sought to destroy me -- as well as many other individuals -- in a variety of ways, but who, by the Grace of God, was not successful.

For many years, I carried this talk around with me, and because it was on tape, I wondered if the sound quality would have survived intact across the many hardships, temperature differentials, and so on to which the tape had been subjected. However, I was afraid to play the tape fearing that if I did, the tape might break.

A little while ago, I decided to try to convert the tape to an MP3 format. By the Grace of Allah, this was completed without a hitch. Moreover, after digitally remastering the tape, according to my limited abilities and equipment, an MP3 was produced which, by the Grace of Allah, has pretty good quality.

If you would like to listen to a streaming version of the tape, then, please click on the audio box to the right( but be prepared for a short wait -- how long depends on your Internet connection -- while the audio program is buffered)

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