Terrorism, Fundamentalism and Spiritual Abuse

Interrogative Imperative Institute

Unveiling Terrorism, Fundamentalism, and Spiritual Abuse critically investigates three issues which have helped shape today's world.

The topics of terrorism, fundamentalism, and spiritual abuse are engaged through a variety of disciplines including: sociology, psychology, philosophy, political science, and spirituality.

Choices and Description

Three issues of paramount importance -- namely, terrorism, fundamentalism, and spiritual abuse -- are brought together in one volume in a way that delineates the interconnected dynamics of these topics. Moreover, these central themes are engaged from a variety of perspectives ranging from, on the one hand, psychology, sociology and philosophy, to, on the other hand, history, political science, and religion. The author draws upon more than thirty-five years of experience on the Sufi path to lend a unique perspective to the manner in which terrorism, fundamentalism, and spiritual abuse are explored and analyzed throughout Unveiling Terrorism, Fundamentalism, and Spirtual Abuse.

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