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Floetry is a term which refers to a combination of poetry, music, rhythm, and rhyme.

... floetry seeks to employ an array of poetical, rhythmical, ideational, and musical themes to resonate with the heart, mind, and soul of the listener. For less than the price of a night out at the movies (even without pop corn and a soda), you can instantly download a software package consisting of 39 pieces of floetry (lasting approximately two hours when considered collectively) that will be more memorable and of greater value than most movies you might see.


Floetry is a term which refers to an integration of rhythmic spoken words and music. However, the combination is neither poetry, in the traditional sense, nor, strictly speaking, is floetry reducible to popular music, nor is floetry rap or hip-hop in any generally understood sense of these words -- although there are elements of all of the foregoing features that are given expression through floetry, along with the occasional foray into haiku.

Floetry in Mystical Motion consists of 39 selections that reflectively address an array of topics ... from: everyday life, to: the mystical, political, and the controversial. Each piece has its own emotional and ideational ambience that speaks to the heart, mind, and soul.

Floetry gives expression to its own, unique combination of music, emotions and ideas in ways that seek to resonate with various dimensions of human consciousness. Each of the links to the right will take you to the menu item that you have selected to listen to from the Floetry In Mystical Motion Jukebox.

The Audio Book of Floetry in Mystical Motion contains approximately two hours of unique, instructive, reflective, listening enjoyment (well, I'm biased). The price of this audio book is: $7.00 or a little more than $.17 cents per floetry selection -- a lot less than the $.99 or $1.29 that one would have to pay through iTunes or other major distributors of audio material for such selections.

The low price does not indicate that there is an absence of value in the audio book. Rather, the low price gives expression to my desire, on the one hand, to charge a reasonable, fair price in exchange for my creative efforts, and, on the other hand, to try to reach a larger audience -- which is more likely with a lower, rather than a higher price ... but not too low of a price.

The following list itemizes the contents of The Floetry In Mystical Motion Audio Book

The following selection from the Audio Book of Floetry In Mystical Motion is intended to provide you with an auditory taste of the contents of this audio book software program.

The Last Sermon

The Audio Book Of Floetry In Mystical Motion software program requires a PC with a Windows operating system and an Internet Explorer browser. Or, alternatively, if one has 'Parallels', 'Fusion', or 'Bootcamp' installed on a Mac, the software will also work provided that those programs use a Windows operating system and an IE browser.

One will need a minimum of 300 MB of free space on one's computer. Depending on your internet connection, the software might take a while to download, but once the software is on your computer, it operates very quickly.

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