Floetry In Mystical Motion

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Floetry is a term which refers to a combination of poetry, music, rhythm, and rhyme.

Somewhat reminiscent of the Beat Generation back in the 1950s when poetry was read against a backdrop of music, floetry seeks to employ an array of poetical, rhythmical, ideational, and musical themes to resonate with the heart, mind, and soul of the listener.


Floetry is a term which refers to an integration of rhythmic spoken words and music. However, the combination is neither poetry, in the traditional sense, nor, strictly speaking, is floetry reducible to popular music, nor is floetry rap or hip-hop in any generally understood sense of these words -- although there are elements of all of the foregoing features that are given expression through floetry, along with the occasional foray into haiku.

'Floetry in Mystical Motion' consists of 28 selections that reflectively address an array of topics ... from: everyday life, to: the mystical, political, and the controversial. Each piece has its own emotional and ideational ambience that speaks to the heart, mind, and soul.

Blending music and words, floetry is somewhat reminiscent of the "Beat Generation" of some 60 years ago that often combined poetry with jazz . However, floetry is more diverse than what often occurred during the Beat Generation, and, consequently, floetry gives expression to its own, unique combination of music, emotions and ideas in ways that seek to resonate with various dimensions of human consciousness.

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